Get to know the artist behind the Magritte campaign.

René Magritte, the surrealist artist who is mostly known for his apples, bowler hats and the catchphrase 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe' continues to inspire. Award-winning Belgian fashion and art photographer Athos Burez captured the Magritte x DPT collection in his own, captivating way. The images look and feel as if you're dreaming with your eyes open. 

Q1. What was the reason you took on this project?

Burez: "I worship Magritte's work. What an amazing sense of fantasy that man had. I am proud of our great historic Belgian artists, from van Eyck to Rubens and Magritte. In the past century, humor and surrealism have appeared to have taken center stage and I am genuinely glad that I can draw inspiration from so much beauty, originating from such a small country.'

Q2. Why do you love Belgian brands so much?

Burez: "What's not to like? I love the general Belgian vibe. It's not easy to put your brand on the map. And yet several Belgian brands have already achieved a great deal on a global scale. I think it's because we are very persistant, do our own thing, chase after our hopes and dreams, but always remain true to ourselves."

Q3. How did these images come to life?

Burez: "The miniature sets are based on the works on which the jewelry is inspired. I also tried to work with recognizable Magritte elements to make a collage that hinted at surrealism. These miniature sets took me a while to make, but I believe it was worth it. My personal favorite is the babushka of eggshells. But I can't take too much credit for the setting, since it was greatly inspired by the master surrealist himself. He must have been an amazing man, with an inexhaustible imagination."

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