The latest addition to the sparkling realm of DPT Antwerp

Welcome to a new chapter where luxury meets artistry & where sparkling dreams are turned into reality. Our dedicated piercing service is your gateway to a world of curated brilliance. Skilled piercing experts await to pamper you with professionalism and warmth, making your piercing journey a memory to cherish.

Step into a world of curated sophistication and unmatched creativity as we unveil the latest addition to the sparkling realm of DPT in the heart of Antwerp. We are thrilled to announce the awaited extravaganza: a piercing service at our Antwerp store. From the initial consultation to the healing process, each step is a symphony of professionalism, precision, and care. 

Join us as we unveil the process that transforms your beauty into a timeless adornment, and learn how to nurture your new piercing as a new addition to your daily dazzling style.


Before the piercing itself begins, our professional prepares for your safety and comfort. The state-of-the-art facilities maintain the highest hygiene standards. Our piercing artisans follow strict health protocols, ensuring that your experience is worry-free and enchanting.


With the stage set, it's time for the crescendo of elegance. With steady hands and keen attention to detail, creating a swift and precise piercing. The process is surprisingly comfortable, like a fleeting note that finds its perfect place in the melody.


As the final note of piercing is played, the healing process begins. Cleanliness and care are crucial during this phase, ensuring that your piercing heals beautifully. A vital component of this routine is gently cleaning your new piercing with a disinfectant.

Avoid submerging the piercing in water during the initial healing period, and protect it from potential irritants. Additionally, refrain from applying makeup or beauty products on or near the piercing until it has fully healed. As your piercing embarks on its healing journey, allow it to breathe and avoid covering it with tight clothing or accessories that may cause friction. Be. Resist the temptation to twist or turn the piercing, as this can disrupt the healing and cause irritation.

Be patient, attentive, and gentle, and allow your body to dictate the rhythm of healing. This nurturing phase brings you closer to the grand finale of a fully healed and dazzling adornment. 

An even more detailed explanation of the piercing process, aftercare, and styling options is given by our DPT piercer in-store. Find more information about our piercing service in the Antwerp Flagship store here.

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