How we feel about the natural vs. lab grown diamonds debate.

Over the last years, the world has welcomed the arrival of synthetic – also known as 'lab grown' – diamonds. Researchers have been working on industrial diamonds for over centuries, trying to captivate and recreate one of nature’s most impeccable gems. Thanks to a diamond's immaculate and superior qualities, the man made peers actually have been around for industrial use since the late 1950's. At 1/3 of the cost price of natural diamonds – let's not sugar-coat the great advantage here, these new-borns sound like the ultimate solution for jewelry brands. We too, have taken the time to investigate and weigh out the pros and the cons.


For us, the choice is pretty clear. We will continue using 100% natural and ethically sourced diamonds. They are timeless and high in value, an aspect that will never diminish, not even by the popular inflow of lab grown diamonds, recent studies show. They are the true symbol of 'eternal' love, thanks to their durability and exceptional quality. And now that synthetic diamonds have entered the playing field, the exclusive character of natural diamonds is even reenforced. 

They are proof of magic in the world, surrounding us all. We want to pay tribute to this gift of nature and respect its rarity, instead of evoking a human take-over to fulfill our ever-demanding needs. Instead of always 'wanting more' and 'paying less', we want to encourage conscious shopping and investing in high quality lifetime pieces.

Just for the record, we do not deny the potential for lab grown diamonds and its use, nor judge brands who made the switch - we just don't feel like that's us. Our mission is to make diamond jewelry accessible for all, and one would think synthetic diamonds are the obvious choice to do so. However, we do not want to compromise on the emotional and quality value of a natural diamond. We're talking about the type of diamond you'd want when celebrating huge milestones and everlasting love. Instead of adapting the product and materials to the circumstances, we want to build in a new belief: the mindset that everyday life is worthy of that exceptional value and beauty too. One can live their life for the big moments, we simply choose to make everyday life our biggest joy. 






When taking the socio-economic aspects of the mining industry into account, we want to point out the advantage of creating local jobs in parts of the world, that often don't have that much of opportunity, which supports the economy of countries in need. 

All our diamonds are 100% certified real and naturally created. They are ethically sourced and conflict-free. We purchase exclusively from leading international companies, in conformity with international conventions and the Kimberly Process, meaning that they have not been used to finance conflicts.

Sure, we want to leave our mark on the world, but we do care about the trail we leave behind, doing so. We are exploring how we can contribute to guaranteeing safe and honest working conditions, to support the rehabilitation process when mines become out of use and to compensate for possible environmental pollution.


Another point of discussion in the natural vs synthetic diamond debate, is the impact on our environment. Something we can only applaud and has been an invitation to take a deeper look into our production process and materials. A recent independent report revealed that growing synthetic diamonds actually calls for a heavy production process, discharging 2x the carbon emissions for a natural counterpart. And one can question whether all energy is coming from a green or renewable source.  

We don't feel the need to stick our nose into one's business, so we aim to do the best we can within our possibilities. Taking on expert help to further determine our ecological footprint and define our game plan as a next step in our efforts to do even better, setting higher goals for the future


"Diamonds are proof of magic in the world, surrounding us all. We want to pay tribute to this gift of nature and respect its rarity."


"Our diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free, in conformity with international conventions and the Kimberly Process."


"We aim to do our very best by taking on expert help to determine our ecological game plan, setting higher goals for the future."

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